Aviation Security National Inspectors Course


The ICAO Aviation Security National Inspectors Course which was held at the ICAO ASTC in Kyiv, Ukraine, from 2 to 10 July 2019.

This seven-day course, which was delivered in Russian, is designed to provide aviation security personnel with theoretical and practical knowledge of audits and inspections as part of a National Quality Control system. Practical classes were held on July 8, 2019 at the airport “Kiev” and in LLC “Master-AVIA”.

In the national inspectors training course of aviation security service took part:

  • 6 persons from Ukraine
    Tetiana Zagnii (Director, ICAO European Regional Flight Safety Training Center),
    Shyian Yuliia 
    (Director, Aviation Security Training Center, ICAO Institute),
    Anatoliy Voytyuk 
    (Aviation Safety Inspector),
    Ihor Naimushyn
     (Deputy Director for Aviation Security of the Civil Aviation Service of Ukraine),
    Serhii Samorai (Head of Operations Center, New Systems AM),
    Wamedh Alrazak 
    (Director of Aviation Security, Civil Aviation Service of Ukraine)
  • 1 person from Moldova
    Alexandr Fiti (main AvSec inspector in CAA)
  • 1 person from Kyrgyzstan
    Nurlan Bekboev (Deputy Head of Aviation Security Service, IA Manas MA)

Course Instructors

  • Igor Dobrovolsky (Director of the ICAO European Regional Aviation Security Training Center)
  • Rima Oskilko (Head of Aviation Security Training Department of Civil Aviation Service of Ukraine)

Participants who successfully complete this course will be prepared to plan, coordinate and conduct quality control measures utilizing Annex 17 and ICAO methodology in accordance with approved programmes.


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